Starting off five years ago as a home for a recording of a radio show, backed up with a recording of a dread-filled live jam from Killing Sound [now one of the harder to obtain pieces in the catalogue and one that’s featured on the bonus cassette], NoCorner has morphed from an occasional cassette label to a predictably unpredictable outlet for the strange and essential.

From chopped & screwed dubwise exploration, cyberpunk techno, lo-fi pop anthems and breakbeat research and development, we’ve welcomed it all with open arms.

The label offers a home for those tracks that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end – those jams that are just too good to languish on a hard disc somewhere.

The common denominator in all these releases is a desire to experiment, a will to push boundaries and shun the status quo. From 20-second loop fragments to 20-minute live jams, you’ll find them all on NoCorner.

‘5 Years Of NoCorner Music’ is a celebration of the catalogue to date, taking in some highlights as well as hinting at some forthcoming material and rounding up some exclusive music just for this compilation.

Twenty-nine tracks spanning past, present and future material, paired with a 40-minute bonus tape, it’s  vacuum sealed and laced with extras. A fine-tuned revisiting of the catalog for those already in the know, and a warm welcome to NoCorner for new ears.

We’ll be teasing out more info over the next few weeks, to keep up to date, join the NoCorner mailing list and be notified with the full info when it goes live…